Qualified tree surgeon and arborist based in Chamonix. We deliver professional tree care services catered to yours and your tree's needs.

Arboreal provides a variety of progressive and environmentally responsible tree care services in and around the Chamonix valley, and this for both residential and commercial clients. We propose professional and qualitative tree care solutions that are fully tailored to yours and your tree’s requirements. 

We cover all aspects of arboriculture; from dangerous and technical tree removal with rigging systems to various tree pruning techniques and hedge trimming. Importantly, we are fully trained, qualified and insured as a tree surgeon, with an arborist diploma obtained from the French ministry of agriculture.

Whether you are enquiring about fruit or ornamental tree care, planting advice or tree disease management, we strive to improve the overall safety, aesthetics and health of your trees whilst being careful to respect the identity and architectural structure of each different species. Tree care solutions operating in Chamonix and around, from Les Houches to Passy and beyond.

Based in Chamonix, but we take care of trees wherever they need us. Operating from the Chamonix valley & Les Houches to Passy, Sallanches and St Gervais. Rest assured we are fully trained, qualified and insured as an arborist.

Tree care services profressional tree surgeon

We provide solutions for any type of tree removal; from tree felling to technical tree removal  with  rigging systems on difficult terrain. 

Tree care services tree pruning

From formative or deadwood pruning to techniques as crown thinning or raising. Take a look at our different tree care strategies all adapted to your tree’s needs.

Tree diagnostics and treatment

Diagnostics as well as effective treatment options for abiotic factors like drought. Treatment & advice for fungal diseases or bacterial infections.

Tree care services Chamonix

How to prune a fruit tree to obtain more fruit? Get in touch about fruit tree care.

Hedge trimming service in Chamonix

From regular trimming maintenance to hedge reduction. Topiary art for our beloved green walls. 

Shrub and garden maintenance

Regular lawn and shrub maintenance for a beautiful garden full of life.

ar·​bo·​re·​al | 
\ är-ˈbȯr-ē-əl 
  • of, relating to, or resembling a tree
  • inhabiting or frequenting trees

Our forests are an integral part of our ecosystem and trees are unfortunately disappearing at an alarming rate. The few trees still standing in our urbanized landscape are having a tough time surviving between pollution, drought, root damage and bad pruning practices. Trees are a living, breathing entity growing on a timescale that’s difficult to grasp for us. Hence the damage we inflict doesn’t always show right away. A tree has taken years – sometimes centuries – to grow, it seems disrespectful to cut it in half in a matter of minutes.

Recent years have seen a huge progress in our awareness about our planet’s future and the demand for sustainable practices has grown. If we want to preserve our arboricultural heritage, it’s time to adopt these practices in our own back yard. Get professional care for your trees in the Chamonix valley.